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Executing SQL in a file against an ODBC source from Stata

I recently discovered that Stata has good support for OBDC. While the built-in functionality includes odbc sqlfile, a “batch job alternative to odbc exec,” there seems to be no equivalent alternative for odbc load (even though odbc load is surely … Continue reading

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Installing R on Mac OS from the command line

I just updated R remotely. I wanted to avoid the hassle of logging in via VNC (“Screen Sharing”), so I did this: Now, to get RStudio from the command-line:

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Upgrading PostgreSQL from 9.4 beta1 to 9.4 beta2

MacPorts installs PostgreSQL 9.4 beta2 in the same directory as PostgreSQL 9.4 beta 1 was in. And going from beta 1 to beta 2 requires an upgrade for the cluster to work. So upgrading is more like going from 9.3 … Continue reading

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Pulling data into Stata from PostgreSQL in Mac OS X

The following is perhaps of interest to Stata users. This was pretty easy to install on my (OS X) laptop (a few tweaks to the Makefile, then the usual “make; sudo make install”). I suspect one could get it to … Continue reading

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Installing Python

I use MacPorts to install my basic python set-up as follows: Then it’s just a matter of typing:

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Install Shiny Server on OS X 10.8.4

The instructions here work pretty much without modification. The only tweak I made was to how I installed the shiny package. From Terminal, I ran R as root (sudo R) and then installed shiny using something like install.packages(‘shiny’, repos=’’, type=’source’, … Continue reading

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Install PL/R on OS X 10.8.4

To get PL/R working on OS X 10.7.4, I had to reach out to the PL/R community for assistance (note something like sudo apt-get install postgresql-9.1-plr postgresql-server-dev-9.1 is all that is needed with Ubuntu). I just (on 2013-06-10) installed on … Continue reading

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