Installing RPostgreSQL with R 3.1.0 Mavericks build

Update (2014-07-17)
Hmm. I have no idea why this seems to have worked in May, but does no longer. I think it worked on one computer, but not the others I have. (I’m now wondering if perhaps I wasn’t running R 3.1.0 Mavericks when I “successfully” installed the package.)

This is flagged as RPostgreSQL issue #61. In the meantime, the Snow Leopard package binary seems to work fine with R 3.1.0 Mavericks (I use it a lot and haven’t seen any issues after a couple of months).

Original post (2014-05-09)

Within R:

# Check that this is where pg_config is for you (I use MacPorts)
install.packages("RPostgreSQL", type="source")

Done! (This assumes you have the necessary development tools for compiling packages.)

As an alternative, one can get the current version from the development site. In Terminal:

cd ~
svn checkout rpostgresql-read-only

In R

install.packages("~/rpostgresql-read-only/RPostgreSQL/", type="source", repos=NULL)
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