Install Shiny Server on OS X 10.8.4

The instructions here work pretty much without modification.

The only tweak I made was to how I installed the shiny package. From Terminal, I ran R as root (sudo R)
and then installed shiny using something like install.packages('shiny', repos='', type='source', lib='/Library/Frameworks/R.framework/Versions/3.0/Resources/library').

Specifying the type as source ensured that I got the latest version of the package (the binary was a little older) and specifying the library location
ensured that it went into a system-wide location (for some reason even with sudo R, R wanted to install in my user directory).

Oddly enough, my first application was a simple lookup for my database. But it seems to work nicely.

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3 Responses to Install Shiny Server on OS X 10.8.4

  1. D-Mack says:


    I ran across your post,after I had given the old college try to installing shiny server in OS X 10.8.4. I agree the instructions allowed the server to be compiled without incident, however, when I ran the shiny-server binary that was successfully compiled, I get a /proc/[pid]/exe doesn’t exist error.

    Is there a way you were able to maneuver around this problem?

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