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Palindromic place names in New South Wales

Here’s a couple of goofy programs to identify towns in New South Wales that have palindromic names. I used it as a little test of R-PostgreSQL-and-Perl. I went to high school in Tumut, so thought this might be a nice … Continue reading

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R code for two-way cluster-robust standard errors

I recently updated the code page for Gow, Ormazabal and Taylor (2010) to include R code. The code includes a function coeftest.cluster which can be applied to an existing model fit to return table output based on two-way cluster-robust standard … Continue reading

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Getting Fama-French industry data into R

Here’s a little program to pull Fama-French industry classifications from Ken French’s website, process them and output them to a table. The tables (e.g., 48-industry, 17-industry) don’t seem to be in exactly the same format, so some tweaking may be … Continue reading

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Running R on an iPhone/iPad with RStudio « Statisfaction

Running R on an iPhone/iPad with RStudio « Statisfaction.

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RStudio Server on a Mac

See here for a more recent posting on this topic. I really like RStudio Server (and should blog about some its cool features another time). But this post is more focused: getting RStudio Server on a Mac. I had the … Continue reading

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Mac versus Ubuntu

I recently noticed an archived thread discussing the relative performance of R under Linux and Windows. I don’t use Windows, but I do have Ubuntu running on a VirtualBox VM on my Mac. So, I thought it might be interesting … Continue reading

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